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The RUPES KS300 is a Professional Vacuum Cleaner with INTEGRATED WORKSTATION that guarantees high filtration efficiency with 5m2 FILTERING SURFACE and three filtration steps.

This compact, maneuverable, and powerful Vacuum Cleaner can support two operators simultaneously thanks to the innovative DUAL MOTOR TECHNOLOGY that features TWO 1200W MOTORS.

The motors can work alternately or together and a single motor can support up to two tools at the same time. The unit includes two Electric Plugs and two Pneumatic Plugs, both with Autostart System, that allow for connection of pneumatic and electric tools

2 Users simultaneously




Power supply voltage220/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz220/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz
Motors power1200 W1200 W
Motors maximum power2 x 1000 W2 x 1000 W
Motors maximum current consumption8 A8 A
Tool socket maximum power2 tools 800 W + 800 W 1 tool 1600 W 2 tools 800 W + 800 W 1 tool 1600 W
Total maximum power3600 W max / 15.7 A3600 W max / 15.7 A
Motors vacuum flow rate160 m³/h (min.) - 210 m³/h (max)160 m³/h (min.) - 210 m³/h (max)
Maximum vacuum flow rate300 m³/h300 m³/h
Maximum vacuum2000 mm/H2O2000 mm/H2O
Weight33 Kg33 Kg
Dimensions (A x B x C)73x52x89 cm73x52x89 cm
Noise level68 ± 2 dB (A)68 ± 2 dB (A)
Filtering surface2 m22+2 m²
Filter categoryM (EN 60335-2-69)M (EN 60335-2-69) HEPA - H14 (EN 1822)
Maximum bag capacity10 Kg10 Kg
Electrical sockets22
Start-up modeM - 0 - AM - 0 - A
Input air pressure6 bar6 bar
Maximum compressed air flow rate1450 l/min1450 l/min
Connection3/8” G female3/8” G female
Pneumatic connections22

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